About Productive Programmer

Hi, I’m Ryan Caplette, The Founder of Productive Programmer.

This post will be strictly about the productive programmer mission, if you would like to know more about my technical background click here.

I created Productive Programmer with the goal of creating remarkable value for yourself and others.

This is what being a productive programmer is all about!

When you can produce consistent value for others something amazing happens, the value of your career, income, and success accelerate.

Something Crazy Happened to Me..

You see.. when I began my programming career in 2013 I found that most of my colleagues (myself included) did what we are all guilty of doing at times. Complaining about the status quo. But then something crazy happened..

I had the brilliant idea one day to STOP what I was doing.. I literally stopped what I was doing at work, and simply addressed the issues everyone in the company was complaining about..

I wrote a simple program that reduced everyone in the entire departments workflow dramatically. I created value for my co-workers, employer, and our companies clients by improving our productivity.

No.. this was NOT something I was supposed to be working on, and no one asked me to do it.. In fact when I tried suggesting the idea to my boss I was told not to pursue it because of other “more important” tasks.

But guess what! By focusing my time on creating the largest return for others I created amazing value for myself. I was..

  • Recognized for my achievements
  • Promoted
  • Given a ridiculous raise.

That is When I Realized the Secret of Successful Developers..

If you’re really looking to succeed as a software developer — you need to be productive.

Being productive means creating the largest output of value for others.

Since the start of my career I have focused on, researched, and developed a collection of powerful strategies that anyone can use to increase the value of their clients, companies, and co-workers. As well as ways to dramatically accelerate your career as a programmer.

If that sounds like something which intrigues you then join me.

I guarantee that the value I am going to share with you will increase your career success and everyone around you!