Starting a Blog – Key to Success

Starting a Blog – Key to Success

What is the key to success when starting a blog?

While there are several important factors to blogging including but not limited to

  • High Quality Content
  • Great Headlines
  • Keyword Optimization

The number one factor I find myself coming back to over and over again is simply getting your ideas out there.

This is why I plan to take the agile approach to blogging.

As you may already be familiar the agile approach to software design favors several iterations instead of one big interaction (or waterfall approach).

Where most Bloggers Appear to be Failing

I believe that too many bloggers make this mistake, they spend several days writing their content and refining it until they are ready to hit the submit button.

While this might be necessary if you are writing for a professional news paper where the first publish matters. With blogging we can always come back and edit our posts.

Blogging the #1 Key to Success

The number one objective as a blogger is going to be posting consist content.

This is why for my blog I am not going to dwell over a possible misspelling or somewhat flimsy first post.

I know that I will be reviewing my content in the future at some point, or maybe not. But what matters most is I will be producing content. Just like in my profession as a programmer, the first release is often revisited and improved upon.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the Publish Button.

Just kidding follow my blog 🙂

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